Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Candy and the U.S. Government

 As the excuse of the recession continues, the U.S. government is celebrating the situation by giving away billions upon billions of dollars like its candy. Every major bank and corporation that is suffering ever so slightly is lining up to the door of the U.S. Treasury for handouts while the taxpayers that have their income greatly taxed is turned away empty handed.
 If the deficit and living on debt is the root cause of the recession, why does the government continue to swell the debt with even more loans and giveaways? Is there an agenda to sell out America into a nation of great poverty and insurmountable problems? Where is the leadership? What happened to reason and logic, to intelligent individuals?
 Much is changing before our very eyes and it is not good news by any means.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

MyBlogLog verification post

MyBlogLog is a blog and website visitor tracking software from Yahoo! that provides statistics about which links are most clicked on, allowing you to see what your readers find interesting.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Extensions for Firefox 3 that I use

What would I ever do without Firefox? Seriously, if I had to rely on Internet Explorer (any version) I simply wouldn't! Despite the numerous exploits designed specifically for IE, its the lack of functionality and very few (even less useful) plug-ins that makes Microsoft's browser irritating and time-consuming. Fortunately, their are alternatives, namely Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Of these, Firefox is the most functional and widely accepted on many websites (few sites still require Internet Explorer to render properly).
By itself, Firefox 3 (the latest version as of June 17, 2008) looks just like any other browser, but when you install add-ons, it becomes a custom tailored, feature rich Internet tool that eases repetitive tasks, saves time, back-ups and stores online your bookmarks, saves and restores Sessions for later retrieval or recovery from a system crash, and much, much more.
You can download Mozilla's Firefox browser from

Firefox 3

Add-on extensions can be found at

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